Tuesday, February 7

Knitting with stash yarn.

These mittens are knit with stash yarn and I'm so glad I discovered this skein of Rowan Felted Tweed at the bottom of my yarn pile. I used it for E.'s toy Rabbit last year and the alpaca yarn for the inner mitten is a leftover from his Flax sweater. It's a relief that my stash has shrunk a bit and that the finished product is even something to wear for a long time.
So the mittens are lined. I kind of invented the lining myself and just knitted on smaller needles with lighter weight yarn by picking up the cuff stitches and knitting in opposite direction. I measured the placement of the thumb on the go and I think it turned out ok. The mittens fit well and the alpaca lining is so soft!
On a completely different note and non-knitting related: Last week we celebrated Candlemas with E.. I put his ornaments on the TV stand, but with him pulling himself up and taking small steps, I have to make sure to keep an eye on him all the time because he's now grabbing all things from various surfaces such as the coffee table and the TV stand. So I already put away all the candles... But it's a true joy to see him curiously discovering his surroundings.

Pattern: Green Leaf Mittens by Amy Mercer
Yarn: Outer mitten: Rowan Felted Tweed DK (Colorway 181 Mineral)
          Lining: Drops Alpaca (Colorway 7815 Olive)
Needles: 3mm and 2.5 mm
Ravelry Notes here.

Thursday, January 26

Knitting: last year

Hello all! First of all, a happy 2017! I'm sorry I didn't update this blog sooner, but I wish you all the best for this year. Lots of creativity and yarn goodness! ;-) I managed to knit quite a lot of wearables last year. Most of them were for babies, so they were fast knits, or socks or mittens...
My biggest achievement was my beccs cardigan, I wear it a lot and it's such a cozy warm cardigan!! I've been wanting to knit myself a fingering weight cardigan or sweater for ages, but still didn't manage to find the right pattern/yarn. So this heavier weight cardigan was a nice alternative. Maybe this year I'll manage to reach my goal!
How about you? Did you manage to achieve some knitting goals in 2016?