Wednesday, August 10

Knitting lately

I know it's a bit early to be thinking of Autumn but I'm so looking forward to that because it's my favourite season! I can't wait, I'm not that much of a Summer's person (I think lots of people in Belgium are going to dislike what I say now: I loved the rainy days in July and August so much more than the hot sunny days). It's also because since E. is born, my psoriasis on my arms and knees got a lot worse and I still can't do much about that since I'm still breastfeeding. I don't feel comfortable wearing short sleeves and skirts or shorts at the moment. Anyway, this year I wanted to be prepared for the colder days, so I finally knit the shawl I've been wanting to knit for a long time: the Shawl en Mousse et Vagues. The fact that it wasn't a pattern and originally more a guideline, written in French, kept me from knitting it before.

Because the 'pattern' has now an English translation and an extensive research through Ravelry projects of this shawl made me take the plunge and start knitting. Looking back at it, it was actually really easy and logical, and I would like to encourage everybody that hesitates for the same reasons as me, to knit it. You can go to my Ravelry notes if you want to give it a try yourself. I've noted my total number of stitches and placements of the markers. I'm still searching for a nice name for this shawl, something 'sea-like'.

Another project I've finished and haven't blogged about is the Flax Light pullover from Tincanknits. I knitted size 6-12 months in Drops Alpaca, colorway Olive. The pullover is great, but my yarn choice wasn't. I don't think the 100% alpaca is suited for a children's pullover. Next time I'll knit a fingering weight pullover in a merino/superwash yarn.

The lovely illustration and pouch in the first photo are some of my purchases from The Blue Rabbit House. The designer and illustrator makes such beautiful things and she's from Belgium too! An extra plus, since I didn't have to pay that much on shipping costs this time!


  1. Those are indeed beautiful illustrations <3 Love the shawl and the pullover, and you are certainly not the only one looking forward to autumn. Autumn and winter are definitely my favourite seasons, which might be related to all the knitting :D

  2. you are not alone in your fall loving mind. I dislike (hate?) summer. It's hot and humid and it is awful for my RA. I feel it in every joint and only in AC do I feel good. I think we look good in fall winter clothing as well. Beautiful knits!!

  3. Beautiful knits, Ine! I'm longing for fall too!

  4. I really like both the sweater plus your shawl. But also so good to know your thoughts on the yarn for the wee ones sweater. My mother had psoriasis all her life, mostly on her arms and legs. I remember how self conscious she was about it and how some people at work were so awful to her. Something my mom found was that the sun really 'subdued' the psoriasis. Though she could only expose herself at home, she really took advantage of the sun once she realized. I hope that might be helpful for you. I too now have it but it is so minor compared to my mom and in all the places that don't show anyway == I guess I'm fortunate that way. Remember that it's a part of you and your loved ones don't care and that's who matters. Hugs from Diane

    1. Dear Diane,
      thank you so much for your comment. I'm sorry that you to hear that psoriasis is also in your family. I have experienced the healing effect of the sun and salt water on my psoriasis. Though I want to protect my skin against harmfull sunrays, I frequently apply non-scented suncreen on my whole body. I used to be a person with no skin problems, bronzed by the sun in Summer days. Now I read your comment about the sun, I realize I have been moving in the shade and covering up my arms and legs lately because I was so tired of applying every oil or ointment that I could find to treat my pso. We've had quite the hectic year with our house building, moving, the'll settle down soon and I'm planning on sporting more too, that's also beneficial! Have a nice weekend!


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