Wednesday, May 25

A suitcase full of dreams

I recently found this children's book online. It's one of my old time favourite children's book from the 80's, I had it when I was little, but I guess my mother gave it to our nieces and nephews when we were too old for it. I believe you can never be too old for children's books though. A french teacher once told us, while teaching about Le Petit Prince in class, that you should never get rid of your children's books.

I could not resist ordering it for Emiel and already read some stories while breast feeding him. He doesn't understand anything yet, but my voice calms him down I guess. At this moment he's going through a colic stage I'm afraid. In his room I framed some of Jaklien Moerman's (the illustrator) drawings, just above the changing table.

Thanks a lot for all the nice comments here and on Instagram, about Emiel's birth.

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  1. I'm excited that he is here :) I bet you are are hitting your groove and enjoying the unpregnantness :)


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