Friday, April 29

Knitting lately...

While waiting to deliver, I've spent my time mostly by knitting. First I knitted an Open Windows Mitt. And I loved the look of it, until I tried it on. The mitt stretched out and I wasn't pleased with how the stitches looked on my hand. So I started another mitt pattern designed by the same designer, with the same yarn: Antiquity by Alicia Plummer and this yarn-pattern combo was a great match!
I had the same problem with the Blueberry Waffle Socks pattern by Sandy Turner. I've been wanting to knit these for quite a long time and thought they would look great in a fingering yarn too (original pattern is in dk weight). So very eagerly to start knitting when I received my wonderful fingering yarn I ordered at Studiomeez, I started the cuff. I'm not a big fan of k2,p2 ribbing, but it was the best for this pattern since the pattern is an alternation of knit rows and k2,p2 to create a waffle pattern. And again, while knitting I loved the look of how the pattern was coming along. Until I tried it on of course, a k2,p2 tends to stretch out and I don't like the look of that on my foot. The beautiful bumpy waffle pattern was nowhere to be found while wearing the sock... .
And there was another nice surprise while knitting the sole of the sock: I was falling in love with how the colors of the yarn in stockinette stitch. So I decided to rip it out, save the Blueberry Waffle Pattern for a dk weight sock and start searching for a sock with lots of stockinette stitch. And that's when I found the Impossible Girl Sock pattern by Madeline Gannon. Even the name of the pattern matched my feelings at the time, since I was kind of feeling like I was behaving impossible and being to picky about everything :-)


  1. Weer erg mooie breiwerkjes! 2 keer een erg goede beslissing om van patroon te veranderen!

    Die wol van studiomeez is zooooo mooi, alleen ben ik op "woldieet", toch zeker wat betreft sokkengarens want ik heb nog wol genoeg voor 10 paar ofzo... Dus ik hou me nog even in... Maar het is zo moeilijk als ik naast de prachtige strengen op instagram nog eens zo'n mooie sokken zie passeren, aargh!

  2. Dank je! Ik begrijp je woldieet! Ik wil nog zoveel mooie sokkenwol kopen, maar eerlijk gezegd doe ik die wollen sokken niet eens zo heel veel aan :-s Er zijn nog andere projecten zoals sjaals en dergelijke die ik met mooie fingering sokkenwol kan maken en die dan een mooie uitvlucht bieden voor het kopen van wol ;-)

  3. always such pretty knitting :) I hope the baby arrives soon !!

  4. I adore the palette of colours you are knitting with! And sometimes finding the perfect pattern can be a bit of a search, but all the more rewarding once you find it :)


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