Tuesday, April 5

A new hat...or not?

Once I saw Lisa's newborn hats I was in love with this pattern! It knits up really quick and is an instant gratification! BUT...I'm not so please with the result and it's my own fault: I was knitting while watching tv and I didn't notice the decreases didn't match on both sides. I've looked through project photo's of other people's Bits+Pieces hats and they don't have this problem. So I guess I did something wrong though I just followed the pattern. I found notes on Ravelry of one knitter decreasing with k2tog in stead of ssk and k2tog, so maybe that's the mistake I made.

I'm still thinking about ripping it and knitting it again. All against my partner's opinion who thinks it's adorable just the way it is. But the knitter in me is kind of rebellious. Of course he doesn't notice the dismatched decreases, but I do. Everytime I look at it. :-)

Yarn is Buckaloo View by the way in a fingering weight. I love this color. Liesl dyed it with Osage Orange and it's just so perfectly yellow!

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  1. This is soooo sweet!
    I didn't notice the 'mistake' but I know what you feel like ;-) I try to think of these little things as 'lessons in imperfection' ;-) but I still do a lot of frogging.

  2. beautiful!!! I would be like you.....toying with ripping it out. I hope you make a decision BEFORE the baby arrives :)

  3. Haha that is such a familiar setting, me being a perfectionistic knitter and wanting to restart projects and my boyfriend not understanding what could possibly be wrong with it in the first place.

  4. It is so so cute. I did a similar one last year, and added 2 pompoms at the top (yes I do have an obsession with pompoms, it may distract from your mistake?)

  5. haha! I totally know what you mean about others not seeing the mistake but you do... so hard being a perfectionist knitter sometimes ;)
    if it's any consolation, I think it turned out beautifully- the yellow is absolutely adorable!

  6. Oh I love that, it looks perfect from here! I guess if you're looking at it all the time and being annoyed by it you may as well fix it though...


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