Wednesday, April 20

38 weeks

Okay, I did the best I could. I cropped off my face because it's rather bloated and I just feel uncomfortable. But I didn't want you guys to abstain from another -maybe last one - baby bump shot, so here it is :-)
I have been feeling rather tired and just plain exhausted the last weeks. That's not all pregnancy related but I thought I had this flu over me, seems like it was more my yearly hay fever that's been bothering me that made me feel all headachy and like the beginning of a flu.
It's not over yet, I spent a week in bed just to rest a lot and it's a bit better now. Picked up some knitting again and some last preparations before our baby arrives. We're all excited yet a bit nervous too. 
Thanks for the comments on the last post by the way. I reknitted the Bits+Pieces hat and even made a slightly larger one in another color.


  1. Hopelijk kan je snel op een roze wolk landen met je kleintje!

  2. Veel succes met de laatste loodjes! Hopelijk ga je een vlotte bevalling tegemoet, en kan je erna eindeloos genieten van je kleine wondertje! xx

  3. I cannot wait until you have the baby!!! so exciting :)

  4. Getting so close now! Such precious final moments! The beautiful pictures of your beautiful baby blanket made it all come flooding back!

    We spent my little pockets of energy during my 38th week trying to sew baby nappies & carding wool for his little mattress - talk about leaving things to the last minute! The rest of the time, all I wanted to do was rest! Which was probably a good thing, because he came at the start of the 39th!

    If I don't get another chance before, wishiny you and your love all the very best for the birth! I shall be thinking of you and look forward to seeing you on the other side! If not before!

    Best wishes, Fran xx


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