Wednesday, March 2

Sew along

Sewing: some ornaments for the baby mobile. I have no experience with handstitching a lot and I'm not so pleased with the result. Maybe I'll make them again but with both sides felt and with embroidery thread.

Reading: Maus by Art Spiegelman, seriously, a very good, Pulitzer price winning graphic novel, but the Dutch translation is bad....really bad. I wish I read it in English.

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  1. Aw they look lovely from here! Such pretty fabric :)

    1. Thank you! The two fabrics you see, the others are all felt, are actually leftovers from the baby sheets :-)

  2. ik vind de genaaide figuurtjes net heel goed gelukt! inderdaad niet 100% perfect, maar is dat niet hoe het leven hoort te zijn? :)

  3. from all the way over here, your sewing is perfect!!


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