Friday, March 11

Organizing & decluttering

Sometimes I can't get my head clear, it's like I have too many ideas or projects I want to start and they are all in my head, but blurry. I even dream of it at night. Time for some decluttering and organizing!
I saw this lovely mintgreen basket at the shop a few days ago and thought it could be a nice yarn stash basket. I stash my unused yarn in plastic bags to prevent moths eating it - but recently heard that they just eat through plastic?! - and I keep the yarn I work from in a project bag. But this basket is actually pretty handy to knit from, because now I don't just throw my needles and scissors in it like I used to do with my project bags or fabric baskets. The holes in this basket makes me want to keep it organized and clean.
I also persuaded myself to wind up most of my yarn I currently work with into center pull skeins. What a difference! Everything is so much neater. I also like looking at it and an extra plus is that my man already complimented me about the basket, two times already... . So now the basket got a showy spot in my living room and not tucked away beside the sofa.

I was actually looking for a rope basket in a creamy like or pastel color. But until I find the perfect one I'll use this basket.
How do you stash your most used yarns?


  1. I love that basket (and all the yarn stored in it)! It's so pretty and mint green, what more could you want from a basket? ;) I would like to have my yarn on display like that, but for the moment it is still stored away in shoeboxes under my sewing table...

  2. love the basket and the yarns :) I have fun fiddling around in my craft room rearranging yarns!

  3. Ohno, I had no idea moths eat through plastic! My yarn is stashed in drawers, some then also wrapped in plastic bags. It sure looks neat in that basket though, a much better way of displaying the yarn you are currently working with than project bags.

  4. What a cute basket! I don't wind my yarn up until I start a project and keep my stash in plastic bins. I should really think about getting a knitting basket though!


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