Thursday, February 18

29 weeks

We've reached 29 weeks yesterday! The last few days I was feeling dead tired and my belly grew immensly (at least it seems to me). We've been preparing a lot for the baby like buying the paint for the baby room's wall, and buying the furniture and the stroller. I've also managed to sew some sheets, together with my mom, and some ornaments for the baby mobile.

To get a break from all the house and baby room finishing, we've spent a sunny wonderful day at the sea last week. Which also resulted in a great 2 hour car drive full of selfish sock knitting :-p


  1. you are beautiful and so is the baby to be!!!

  2. You look blooming! I'm glad you got to get away to the sea for a weekend, that must have been wonderful. It's what I really wanted to do throughout the pregnancy but couldn't due to work and the house and all that was going on.
    I also found that my energy levels varied a lot. Whenever the belly grows and the baby makes a development step it seems to take a lot of energy away from you. Be kind to yourself and rest :)

  3. you look so very happy. Your life will be so enriched.

  4. You look so happy and what a beautiful belly!


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