Saturday, December 12

DIY: Snowy Ball

Since it's almost Christmas and I got tons of crafty ideas from Pinterest I travelled my whole town and neighbouring cities to find the supplies for many crafty projects. First: a snowy ball! It's really simple to make, at first, but there are a few tricks that will keep your project from failing.

You'll need: a mason jar, paint spray (not pictured), some kind of layering to put in the lid (not neccesary but while working on another project and searching in my old craft box I found these two jars full of little stones, once bought in a garden center to make a layer of stones in terraria), water resistant glue, a plastic animal that fits in the jar, sprinkles (I chose gold and silver, but also added some red stars while making it).

I first spray painted the lid with golden spray (because I was making golden animal keychains - blog post next week! - which needed to be spray painted and I thought why not spray this lid as well?)
As soon as the lid was dry, I put some glue in the middle - not in the border, it still has to fit the mason jar- and put in some stones, imitating a snowy landscape. Looking at my photo now, I realize I forgot my golden stones! Anyway, once that's all dried, stick the animal really tight onto the stones or whatever kind of layering you've put in the lid, as pictured above.

Next, fill the mason jar with all kinds of glitters and water (some suggest glycerine). Before gluing the lid to the mason jar, try it out a few times: first I had way too few sprinkles and too little water. Also, the stones that I put in the lid deposited a white chalky substance, my water wans't clear enough. So it's best to rince them first thoroughly with water. When you think all is like you want it, glue the lid into the mason jar and firmly close it. Let dry.

You can also decorate the lid with some rope, or ribbon as you like.

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