Monday, August 3

I love not man the less, but nature more (G. Byron)

Past weekend, I was off from work so instead of doing chores for the house construction, we impulsively decided to go on a camping weekend in the Belgian Ardennes. The weather was nice, I had an extra Monday off from work, so why not? We did a walk close to  Malmedy, in the forest, along the river. It was truely pacifying to be this close to nature again. It had been a long while since we were out for a simple walk this year and clear our heads.

Overnight we camped in the woods. I had a good night's rest until 6 am because I forgot my pillow and I used my fleece sweater instead but it wasn't ideal. :)

The morning was full of sunshine, we baked eggs and sausages and had some bread and tea.

The rest of our Sunday was spend on a lake in a rowing boat in Robertville and on our way home we stopped in Orvifat, to visit Reinhardstein. It was a lovely relaxing weekend. I hope your weekend was sunny and relaxing too.


  1. what a lovely getaway :) I would not have slept at all worrying about woodland look like you had a fun time and being surrounded by nature is perfection.

  2. looks like it was a very lovely trip! I've somehow never made it to Belgium, will have to fix that at some point!

  3. It almost looks like a fairytale! The ardennes are so beautiful, I should really visit again sometime.

  4. Yay for camping! It looks like a beautiful place to be. We've only had the chance to camp once this summer so I'm hoping the August weather proves more accommodating :)

  5. That looks SO nice! Camping out in the woods just sounds perfect, especially that the weather played along :)

  6. I just discover your lovely blog and that's funny because we went camping in the woods last week.
    I don't know the ardennes but it looks beautiful where you'be been!

  7. I don't know the ardennes but it looks beautiful where you'be been!



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