Monday, July 27

Sock Challenge 11/12 - July

It has been a race to get these socks finished on time. It has also been quite the challenge to knit a bit of Fair Isle in the round. I was so thrilled with the color combination and it knitted up beautifully.
Then I tried them on....the horror! I could nearly get them over my heel! I had a feeling that this would happen, so I tried to keep my tension the same all the time, not too loose, not too tight. Anyone has tips on that matter? I tried knitting the second sock a lot looser, but then it was way too big and the Fair Isle part ended 2.5 cm below the ending of the Fair Isle of the first sock, so I frogged the second sock and started over.

So once I've put them on, I won't take them off too soon! In the pictures above, the socks aren't blocked yet.  I hope the Fair Isle part will become a bit more even after blocking.

Nordic Mist Socks
Pattern: Southern Fiords by Dianna Walla
Yarn: Regia (White and Greyish, fingering), Buckaloo View Fingering II (yellow)
Size: medium


  1. The one time I tried stranded socks, they were way too tight on me and I haven't tried it again, even though I love color work. And I love these socks. You chose a really great color combination. I find stranded knitting usually always looks better after blocking, so I hope that will give you just a bit more stretch with these.

  2. Oh they are lovely. I've never done fairisle so can't help sorry but I'm sure blocking will be a great help.

  3. Such lovely socks! The first time I knit socks with colourwork I had the exact same problem, I was so devastated! I now standardly go up one needle size with fair isle socks and that does the trick (so 3mm instead of my usual 2,5mm for all the parts that are stranded). Blocking should help a little but I wouldn't expect any miracles!

    1. Thanks! The bigger needles might solve the problem indeed!

  4. They're so pretty though...hopefully they will block out a bit

  5. Lovely job on the socks! Going up a needle size for the colour work rows is a great idea!

  6. Oh I love these so, in all the colors I adore!!

  7. These are beyond fantastic!! I need to cast them on very soon.
    I agree with many of the comments above, going up a needle size is a great idea.

  8. These socks are so pretty, such a shame the fit isn't great! But that's how we learn, right? :)


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