Tuesday, May 19

The Norge Project

I was once gifted a Japanese Moleskine. This moleskine -and I quote the website- is influenced by the traditional Japanese horizontal emakimono scrolls.
That actually just means that the papers are connected to eachother like an accordeon. I want this sketchbook to represent my love for wandering and nature, for hiking and being in forests and for the little ordinary things that can make me happy. I have been wanting to visit Norway for years, for the scandinavian living and the magical attraction it has on me, which I still can't explain. Last Summer we finally booked a ferry from Denmark to Oslo. We put tent, sleeping bags, food and drinks in the car, map and a Trotter and off we went!
This project is such fun because you can play with the drawings on so many ways, depending on how you fold the pages. The most drawings are streched on 1 or 2 pages, but if you fold it out completely you'll see a continuous landscape.

I'm a bit disappointed in the coloring though. The first page has some light and dark green trees and the watercolor was alright for such small things, but when coloring bigger surfaces it doesn't always stick to the glossy paper. Stupid, I know! Normally I'm a freak when it comes to choosing the right weight of paper and media used on it and now I just acted totally silly and and a bit too impulsive!

Joining Nicole.


  1. beautiful and what a special gift to have. I write only in moleskines for my daily journal.

  2. LOVE your sketches, they are so minimalistic and yet convey so much about the love of nature and exploring. Would you consider selling them as prints? I would totally be interested.

  3. I have a pristine accordian Moleskine that I've been looking at for years, waiting for it to tell me what it wants to be. And now I see your beautiful work I know it should be used for something relating to the walks I take. Your sketchbook is charming Ine :)


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