Wednesday, April 1

Yarn Along

Knitted: a few baby hats. Pictured: Elf Knots (pattern by Amanda Keeys). Only need the perfect wooden button for the garter stitch band.

Reading: 'Borderline Times' by Dirk De Wachter (2012). De Wachter, a Belgian psychiatrist, explains our Western, individualistic society as some sort of a disease: Everybody has symptoms of 'borderline', not only psychiatric patients. And if you're actually not 'ill', society will sell the diagnosis in stead of the pills and let us believe we're all a bit ill, or not normal so we could take more medication and support the pharmaceutics... Impulsiveness, loneliness, identity 'disorders', agressiveness, our continuous search for more kicks, more new things, out with the old, we're easily bored, we have to share everything we do to make our own identity, we're an image of ourselves ...are all consequences of how we cope with a society that has lost its borders and where we struggle to give meaning to our lives. In contrary to the earlier times, where God (or religion in general), the support of a family and universalism gave people a foundation to built their lives upon, the society nowadays doesn't offer us a strong ground to give meaning to our lives, we feel like we can choose what we want, and that we're individualistic and can become everything we want. And that's just the essence of what makes us feel even more abandoned and alone than ever...

Well, it's an eye-opening book which kind of makes you feel guilty too. I don't agree with everything he states but the general message of the book is one to remember and think about.

Listening & watching: Stromae's new videoclip.

Joining Ginny and Nicole.


  1. Love that baby hat! Is it Carmen that you are watching by Stromae - the link seems broken. That book seems quite intense, but interesting.. May check it out if they have it at my library.

  2. Thank you for the scraps of yarn :) :) They arrived safely last weekend. I love the hat and the book sounds good!

  3. Thank you so much for the link to the Stromae video and the book information. I agree with you there is much to think about!
    Love that wee hat. :)

  4. That book sounds very interesting. Not sure I'd agree with everything, but the concept is fascinating.


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