Friday, April 10

Knitting lately

A quick update: Since life has been quite hectic and just consists of working, eating, knitting and sleeping (and the occasional plant watering and potting) I just wanted to share these latest knits from my stash: baby elf hats. First is Elf Knots (A. Keeys), stripy one is Holiday Elf (Jones&Vandermeer). Two very quick knits, from stash leftovers, and very rewarding!

And I'm currently working on my April socks for the challenge: the Mali Traven Socks (own pattern).
I'm so sorry for the superficial quick knitting update blog post. I always admire other bloggers for their rich range of sentences and word use, give aways, KAL's and swaps, shops...there's just too much going on at the moment and frankly, I'm even surprised that I managed to knit so many socks in between!

Have a splendid weekend everyone and thank you for all the comments on previous blog posts! I appreciate the time you take to comment!


  1. Oh dear those are some cute little knits Ine- I am sure they will be well adored.

  2. Those little elf hats are adorable!

  3. Those hats are so cute! Hey, you're doing so much better at blogging than me - at least you actually published a post ;))

  4. lovely knitting and I'm glad you can fit in some knitting while being super busy!!

  5. With all your busy happenings, happy to hear that knitting can still be included.
    Those wee hats make my heart swell!

  6. Oh, those elf hats are too cute! I wonder if I could find a crochet pattern for something similar, I'm always looking for new baby patterns to try for my church group.


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