Thursday, February 5

Yarn Along

Knitting: baby socks from scrap sock yarn. That's a good way to use those leftovers from sock knitting. I'll gift some of the socks to friends with babies.

Watching: Dawson's Creek on You Tube - shouldn't have done that, put on season 1 and now I'm hooked again.

Happy Yarn Along!

Joining Ginny.


  1. -love baby socks and I know these will be cherished.

  2. Oh my goodness, the tiny socks must be so cute! I'm sure your friends will love them.

  3. love binge watching shows. Love your left over baby socks, so sweet!!!

  4. binge watching is a way of life. at least it's mine. I might have watched some old episodes of The OC lately ;)

  5. I made the same mistake a couple of years ago, and I ended up watching all of the Dawson's Creek seasons in a row (whoopsie!)


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