Tuesday, February 24

When In Austria: Seefeld (Tirol)

For their 40 years of marriage, my fiancé's parents travelled  to Austria, Seefeld with us(their children, grandchildren and children-in-law). We stayed at a hotel in this little place called Mösern, a small village close to Seefeld. They used to frequent this hotel since their children were little. The children learned to ski there for several years.
In my family, we never went on skiing trips, never did I learn to ski either. I have been to Mösern once, in 2011 for our Summer holiday. We climbed the Reitherspitze there and did lots of walks and trekked through Slovenia afterwards.

So this skiing trip was new to me. It was lots of fun, but scary too. I've always been a bit of a tomboy and didn't have a lot of fear to ski downhill....untill I was up on the moutain and my ski's didn't always do what I wanted them to do. My fiancé and his sister taught me lots of techniques and tricks to control my ski's.

The surroundings were beautiful, the weather was great. We were so lucky to have a week full of plain sunshine and blue skies. 
After a few days I could ski down the Gschwandtkopf. Sometimes way too fast, with more a matter of good luck and balance, sometimes even controlled and taking the turns that I anticipated to take.
It was a lovely Winter holiday. I love Austria's Gemütlichkeit and the friendly people. The Almdudler and of course the mountains. The view out of our bedroom window was stunning (2nd and 5th photo). Do you know how to ski or have you ever been to Austria?


  1. Wunderbar!
    What a lovely post Ine, it is all so magical. Gorgeous mountains and gorgeous weather, congratulations to the 2 of you.
    Yes, Ski !
    Yes, Innsbruck !

  2. Sounds like a fun getaway! It looks like you had some gorgeous scenery. I've never been to Austria, but I have been skiing a few times and I really enjoyed it-haven't been for years, so I might have to plan a trip!

  3. amazing! I've never stood on ski's and to be honest they kind of scare me! I'd like to try snowboarding though, but I have to wait because I'm pregnant lol. Your pictures are amazing! Congratulations to your in-laws! :)

  4. what fun and I love the history surrounding the trip. Lovely views and you look so sweet :) I do not know how to ski and I have never been to Europe......yet.

  5. A wonderful way to celebrate 40 years of marriage! Celebrating with family and in such a magical trip.
    Yay you for learning to ski!

  6. I haven't skied for years, I think I would need help if I went skiing! I went to Austria with work about ten years ago it was a beautiful place, I would love to return one day.

  7. Austria is such a beautiful country! Although I also do not know how to ski I really should visit Austrian mountains in winter once.. And then just like you learn to ski :)

  8. The scenery looks amazing! Glad you had fun skiing and came home in one piece ;)
    Almdudler is the best, I remember it so well from my childhood!

  9. Wow it looks beautiful - never been to Austria but I've been snowboarding in Andorra and boy is it tricky to get used to at first!

  10. What a gorgeous place! I learned to ski when I was younger because we lived so close to the mountains, but I didn't care for it. I don't think I've been again since I learned. I love sledding and snow-shoeing, but skiing is just not my cup of tea.


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