Saturday, February 7

Sock Challenge 6/12 - February

Since it's super busy here with the house and other things going on, I was afraid I had to skip February's Monthly Sock Challenge. So I cast on these 3 month old baby socks on February 1st from left over sock yarn to have a pair of knitted socks afterall. I did have some unexpected and unplanned knitting time, so I casted on another pair for a 6 month old.

The first pair has a short row heel and a short row toe. Second pair is my regular heel and regular toe decreasing. These two pairs will be gifted to friends and their babies. I found it particulary hard to estimate the size of baby feet when there's no baby in my proximity. I hope they fit!


  1. Too cute- I wish all socks were all that little. I think will fit great Ine- they are stretchy too.

  2. These are so cute! I love the yarn and what a great way of using up oddments!

    My Danish sister in law taught me how to make my first pairs of socks whilst she was expecting my niece, so I always have a soft spot for baby socks! xx

  3. They are gorgeous. I wouldn't worry if they are too big their feet will grow!

    1. That's true, but I'm afraid they're too small :-)

  4. so cute so little and so perfect :)

  5. They're so cute, gorgeous colors! I have often wanted to knit baby socks as gifts, but as I knit socks by trying them on in between I would have no idea how to go about making small ones without a model!


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