Wednesday, November 26

Yarn Along

Knitting: Fox scarves for my two little nieces. They'll be Christmas presents and it's a good way to knit up some of my stash.

Reading: Took some graphic novels home from the library. All from Bastien Vivès, a french cartoonist: Polina, The Taste of Chlorine and In My Eyes (not pictured). I've never read anyhting from Vivès before, and there isn't always much to read either, especially not in the last two mentioned. In Polina there's a lot more dialogue. But the way he draws scenery and surroundings, expressions of characters, the viewpoints,...makes everything clear without words. He's very good at creating atmosphere, just with his drawings. That's a truly Graphic Novel.

Linking up with Nicole and Ginny.


  1. I love the scarf. I knit some baby trousers that way recently, using a white and a blue yarn held together. It looks really effective, and I love that colour you have.

    1. Thank you. I can imagine that this effect of two yarns is great for baby trousers. The color is Rose from Debbie Bliss Railto DK.

  2. love the knitting! Great colors and it matches the book :) Always nifty!


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