Friday, November 7

When in Germany (wildlife)

In a previous post you can read about the midweek we spend with my family in Germany, Mosselle/Eifel area. I already told about the castles, let's talk 'wildlife' now: The Eagle and Wolf park in Kasselburg accommodates the polar wolf, goats and rabbits on a children's farm and birds like eagles, buzzards, owls and a vulture. The big volieres were situated in the ruins of Kasselburg.

In Wild Park Daun you can ride an 8 km long road through the forest and you meet lots of free running animals. We've seen: donkeys, wild horses, buffalo's, lama's, deer, boars, sheep, ostriches, male goats and monkeys. The majority of the animals were so used to humans that they came towards you to meet, once you got out of the car.

The deer (about 10) obstructed the road, so we had to get out of the car and lure them with wild fodder you could buy in the beginning of the park, so we could move on.
They came towards us and ate out of our hands! Look at this cutie below:

Some animals were seperated from the main road by fences. I photographed this deer below from a low wooden observation post, he was only 2 feet away from me, if I stretched my hand I could pet him (I didn't risk that because I was quite impressed by his antlers).

The monkeys were living in a seperated area from the other wildlife. This park within the park had to be visited by foot. On our path we crossed monkeys and male goats.

It was nice to be outdoors all day and watch the animals. The children were quite impressed too. The smallest (nearly 3) saw an ostrich for the first time in her life and said: 'There, duck...big!" :-)


  1. I love being outside in nature, it reminds me of my childhood. You captured the animals beautifully! We have lots of deer here and I never tire of seeing them.

  2. Beautiful day in the woods. Lovely deer- I always think their eyes are so pretty- that is a huge rack on that elk!


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