Monday, November 10

When in Germany (Trier, Hermeskeil and Cochem)

During our Germany trip we've been on the road a lot to visit all the places of interest around the Moselle. 

Actually, the airplane museum in Hermeskeil was the first trip on our way to the guesthouse in Cochem, where we stayed for a few days with our family. About 100 airplanes are there to be viewed inside and outdoors. Lots of planes have ladders, so you can go up and have a look in the cockpit. In the Concorde you can have a drink.

In Cochem we've visited Reichsburg Cochem (surrounded by vineyards, Moselle area is known for its wine) and strolled through the town afterwards. In those German cities your eyes are treated with beautiful facades and lots of things to discover when you look up to the houses.

In between we've visited other castles and wildlifeparks (see previous posts), and on our way home to Belgium we stopped in Trier. We've been there when we were little and some high schools in Belgium visit it for German or History class. 


  1. Like a fairytale- it's so beautiful, seeped in history and culture. Thank you for sharing Ine.

  2. How amazing! Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful places that I can only dream of visiting.

  3. Thank you for sharing these! You are having me make a list of places to go visit in my own country :) I've not been to Cochem but heard how beautiful it is. Trier is gorgeous, I visited it as a kid on a school excursion but have no memories really.

  4. Thank you for sharing your trip! The architecture still gets me! So beautiful. :)


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