Sunday, October 26

Chamomile & Honey Socks

I couldn't resist.... casting on my November Socks for the sock challenge! I know I am early by a few days or so, but the yarn was screaming to be knit.

I'll make it up to you, I'll promise to finish them in one month's time frame - so technically I'm not doing anything wrong, right? - so they'll be finished in November.

I've ordered the sock yarn back in August in a wee thoughtless mood, and probably when I was in a PMS-state and wanted some comfort :) The yarn is Malabrigo Sock (love to knit with that ├ánd I can order it in a Belgian online yarn shop with no shipping costs if I order enough and they have plenty of Malabrigo sock). The colorway is 'Ochre'.

The pattern is called Clover (Kate Blackburn). It knits way faster than I thought it would (I'm already at the heel flap!) It's also a nice change from the plain vanilla socks that I've been knitting previously. Did you already started your November socks or have an idea in mind for them?


  1. They look beautiful and challenging....definitely not a vanilla sock! Love the yarn color you chose- have fun knitting!

  2. Don't worry, I already started my November socks, too. But they are on hiatus while I work on some Christmas gifts. I love the pattern and color you chose. It looks beautiful!

  3. You are way ahead of me. I am still finishing October's socks! I can see why you had to cast these on, though. The yarn and pattern are simply stunning, and they seem made for each other. It makes me want to knit socks just like that!

  4. Oh yes! I love that color, and the stitch is so beautiful!!

  5. I think I have that sock yarn and color in my very lovely! Great pattern and yay for being ahead of schedule!!

  6. I can't believe October's already over and my socks are not!! rushing to get them finished (nothing like a deadline to get me motivated!)
    Your pattern is gorgeous!!! going straight to my list (which is getting quite long, it's a good thing the year has 12 months haha)

    1. Congrats on finishing your Cup of Teas! They look lovely! This pattern is so muc fun to knit!

  7. Yay for November socks. I have a some Clovers on the needles as well, but they have fallen into the ever-growing WIP pile as I work on finishing my October socks. I have been loving seeing all the sock for the Sock Challenge.
    Beautiful socks and fantastic color!

  8. That's a lovely pattern - I love seeing socks that are knit all in one colour - they're my favourite

  9. Oh, gorgeous color and pattern!! Love it. Makes me think I really should try knitting patterned socks some time. Mine are usually just plain stockinette.


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