Saturday, September 27

For the hands

Last year in September I knitted my September Gloves. I loved wearing them during the first chilly days that announce the arrival of Autumn. Unfortunately, I lost them somewhere, miss Winter came, I wore gloves with fingers and I kind of forgot about my september gloves.

This year, while cycling to work at an inhumanly early hour during one of those chilly, crisp and end of September mornings, I regretted once again that I didn't put on some gloves that day. Just like the day before, when I was steering alternately with left and right, keeping the opposite hand warm in one of my pockets. I also regretted never listening to my own advice and promised myself to change that hypocritical habit in the future.  
Then suddenly - some knitters have these rare clear moments concerning their yarn stash - I exactly knew what to knit with my leftovers from Liesl's gifted Quince & Co Finch yarn.

After knitting with Quince & Co for my Fethaland hat, I didn't know for sure how many I got left to knit something else, so I was keeping it in my stash to use it as a fantasy in some socks or another fair isle hat. Turns out after knitting these mittens - I made them shorter for the above reason - that I still have a little yarn left to cheer up another small knitting project.

The pattern is fairly simple and fun to knit. It's called Catching Butterflies and the 'butterfly' stitch caught my attention. I also think it might be a pretty stitch for socks!


  1. These turned out so beautiful! And the color is so soft and pretty. They will brighten up (and warm up) your early mornings :)

  2. Your mitts are beautiful and I love that they have a stitch called the butterfly, something I must learn.

  3. Love your mitts, they are so pretty!

  4. lovely knitting and I do love that pattern, I've seen it on socks and hats :)

  5. Your mitts are so beautiful. I absolutely love the color and the pattern.
    Great for catching butterflies :)

  6. They're gorgeous, what a beautiful color and pattern!

  7. I love that that one skein is knit into so many different projects. I'm working on a pair of fingerless gloves but they are for a friend. It's getting chilly here now and I'm thinking I should squeeze in a pair for myself as well!


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