Wednesday, August 6

Wanderlust: Norway - Hardangervidda

Our initial idea for our first Norway trip was to buy a cheap air ticket to Oslo and take the Bergen railway to Finse. In Finse we would start a 4 to 5-day trekking on the Hardangervidda plateau (around the Hardangerjøkulen).  But after much thought and a bit of research we learned that going by car and ferry, staying at campings and taking all of our food with us that we bought in Belgium was around the same price.

We are a bit on a budget, since we're constructing a house, but we thought that such a roadtrip, that allows us to see a lot more of Norway than when we'd see by overnight hikes, would be so much more rewarding. Besides, neither of us was trained in trekking like we were last year in the Pyrenees.

After the hike in Norefjellstua, we were on our way to Eidfjord (Hordaland). We decided for our whole trip that we'd take as many national tourist routes as possible to get around in stead of driving through tunnels. We took route 7 from Geilo to Ringøy (13) and even the rainy weather couldn't ruin the beauty of the Hardangervidda National Park. I suddenly saw a magnificent view from the car (small glacier) and we stopped to take some photographs. The rain and cold wind  got me back in the car quickly, but we decided to do a walk there. I changed clothing (thermal shirt, hiking boots, and my Fethaland hat to keep me warm!)

It was a beautiful walk. The only down thing was: mousquitos! I really had to tuck myself in so they wouldn't find any glance of naked skin. Of course, I couldn't hide my whole face so I had two bites, each besides my eyes. When we returned it started raining harder and that made the mousquitos go away.

Back on route 7 we passed a sign "Vøringsfossen". A large roaring waterfall in Måbødalen in Eidfjord.

I learned that I couldn't catch the greatness of it in a photo. (I have a video, but I'll post that later)

The day ended with a visit to the Hardangervidda Natursentre and at a camping in Ringøy.


  1. Awesome pictures. I hope to travel to Iceland one day.

  2. Thanks! Iceland is on my list too! As well as Canada and Alaska :)

  3. IJsland, Canada, Alaska en Noorwegen (heel Scandinavië eigenlijk) staan ook op mijn lijstje. En Lapland, Slovenië en Estland ook! Wat een mooie foto's staan hier in deze post!!!!

  4. I'm enjoying watching you on your trip! The photos are beautiful :)

  5. Dank je, Jade! Lapland en Estland is ook wel interessant! Slovenië is ook erg mooi, daar hebben we ook eens een weekje gekampeerd.

  6. That are some great photos. We love your report! Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

  7. Thank you! I'm glad you like it!


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