Sunday, August 3

Wanderlust: Norway - A first hike

At this moment of our adventure in Norway, I was still holding my new intention in mind: taking less photos, enjoying more of the surroundings. So from the first day, I don't have many photos. We broke up our tent in Oslo and followed the route to Geilo - via Gol - and did a part of a hike we found in a German hiking book from our library back in Belgium.

The hike starts in Norefjellstua and ends in Høgevarde. It was a nice beginning hike. We only went to Augunshaug, because we started walking pretty late and it was a good decision.

You see, in Norway, driving around isn't like driving around in Belgium or France or Germany. It takes a lot longer. Driving speed is mostly limited to 80 km/h (about 50 miles/h), so we spend a lot of time in the car. Distances are very long and some routes require ferries to take that extend your driving time.

Though it was a bit of an adjustment at first, we quickly got used to it and found Norwegian drivers very courteous and at ease. We were amazed by how many times cars actually stop at zebra crossings - something you shouldn't really expect in Belgium- to let us cross the road.

I wouldn't visit Norway in another way though. Our roadtrip was an excellent way to get to know the country and even for the driver it's a bit of a sightseeing trip. The speed limit permits you to drive quite slow and look around, because exiting any tunnel rewards you with a surprising view of breathtaking fjords that suddenly pop up.

 I must also admit that I didn't even drive one time - oh yes, that one time when I moved the car at the camping  :) - because my partner loves cars and doesn't mind driving every day.


  1. Great post and gorgeous photos.

  2. Lovely photos! We did a Norway roadtrip last year and yes, it's a great way to discover the country, just driving and looking :)

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