Thursday, August 28

Scenes & inspirations

Succulent growing

He: Flying kites at the beach of Middelkerke

Me: knitting while the skies turned dark grey

My first self grown tomato

Cell phone photos from our Norway adventure

Visiting the zoo in the Netherlands

New sock yarn

Some nice and inspiring web visits lately:

Resurrection fern's blogger Margaret's trip to Iceland

Kristina's Canada trip

Looking forward to Amanda's new pattern and lovely new hats and jewelry in Melody's shop

Jade happened to befriend a very cute kitten, which reminds me a bit of my former pet rabbit, that has the same name and same fur colour

I once stumbled upon this great site, with a new drawing every day!

And be sure to check out Andi's Pink Wapiti Shawl!


  1. Oh, wat fijn dat je een linkje zet naar mijn blogpost over Merlijn! :)

  2. oh! lovely photos and memories! thank you for the kind mention, you have a beautiful blog.

  3. what a bunch of goodies here!!!!! :)


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