Monday, June 9

Scenes lately

 Picking wildflowers on a tropical Summer day | Tomato plants (I planted way too many because I didn't think they'd survive on my attic) | Little sunflowers grew and I've moved them to the terrace (does any one know what those little yellow spots are? (they're on all the leaves) | Me swinging my youngest niece because she wanted to 'fly too like the birds' (photo taken by my fiancĂ©)| Planning a new trek for this Summer | Keynote slowly progressing

I hope you had a nice week!



  1. so many pretty photos! just lovely :) We just got back from a trip and now I am catching up with the ordinary.

  2. beautiful scenes! Your niece is adorable, I too want to fly like the birds.
    As far as the yellow spots on your leaves, it usually means that it is being deprived of certain nutrients, like Nitrogen or it can also be a humidity issue that is causing it to lack oxygen. I had that on a houseplant a couple years back and I needed to up my fertilizer to put back some of the nutrients.

  3. Lovely pictures :)
    I was thinking the same as Andi in the comment above that it could be lack of nutrients.
    I love the cardigan that you are knitting I'm trying to finish a sock!


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