Thursday, June 26

If you never fail, you'll never learn

After finishing Fethaland, a lovely Fair Isle hat, I resumed Keynote. I'm about to finish the border of the body. Next are the sleeves.

(No I didn't sew them and yes, I wish I did)

And Fethaland, oh Fethaland, oh how I wish I swatched before casting you on :-) It's kinda...big. My
hurry impatience for casting on this hat is inexcusable. Even worse, my haste for shrinking it can't be justified at all! I quickly scanned the internet on how to shrink 100% wool substances and tried the immerge into hot water & gentle wool cycle in the dryer method. That didn't work, it was even bigger! So I tried a gentle cycle again, and when that didn't work I turned it on a faster cycle causing one of the colours to be nearly FELT.  It isn't thàt noticable but still ...I shouldn't be so impatient at times and read through the whole pattern at first and make some changes before casting on.

To ease my mind a bit about the past busy weeks I visited the library today. I love the silence and calmness of a library and the amount of books about almost everything.

I took up some books about taking care of succulents and other indoor plants. It reminded me that a lot of effort has gone into these books. In the present time, information is very accessible through the internet, but I miss the times when you really had to take your bicycle and ride to the library to look up things, properly. It's fun having books on the table to browse through from time to time instead of staring at screens all the time, which I have been doing this past hour to get this post online ;-)

The construction works on our house are going fast. Sometimes a bit too fast. We still have many decisions to make. It's all a big adventure.  The year that has passed, until now, I was kind of lost in all of it, it as in things and choices in life. It's like someone said: "Let's put that on pause for a second." I'm kind of a big dreamer and hold on to the past way too much. It's not good when you're standing on the edge of some life changes. I still need to cross a bridge, but sometimes I don't know which bridge to take.


  1. In your defense, it's a really cute hat. I would rush to cast it on too!

  2. Thank you, this photo was taken before the shrinking attempt ;)

  3. Oh the knit is beautiful! Can you run elastic through the ribbing to tighten it? I am impatient as well and frequently cast on with a very quick gauge swatch....sometimes I rip it out because of my haste!

  4. Thank you Karen! I was thinking about elastic too. I'm glad I'm not the only impatient knitter :)

  5. No you're not the only one! But you do make wonderful knits!

  6. your fails look so much better than my successes ;D

  7. Those blouses are lovely and your keynote will look great with them :) I know the feeling of things just moving too fast and wishing to be able to hold on to them. The pace of our lives has increased so much, I think the internet and the media play a part there. Or else it's just to do with getting older ;)

  8. I love all of these photos. The hat looks gorgeous---sorry to hear it came out a bit too big. I had a similar problem with one of the hats I made last year. I even threw it in the dryer and it didn't shrink which left me thinking: Grrr! Isn't wool notorious for shrinking!? I like the idea to add elastic. :)

    Good luck with all the choices you have to make. You and I are both Tauruses and probably a lot alike. I'm not great at making decisions or facing *change.* This post title is really true--if you never fail, you'll never learn. I've been telling myself that with the garden. People have been offering help and advice and I decline, knowing it's best for me if I make my own mistakes and learn from them.

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