Friday, May 23

New beginnings

Lately, I've been keeping busy with my indoor gardening. Currently I live somewhere where I can't just use the garden for planting flowers and crops so until I have my own garden I'm just planting things inside. I live on an attic so it gets pretty warm there and I'm able to put some pots just underneath the window so they get enough sunlight.

So far I've planted tomatoes and sunflowers and they're growing fast! It's always a suprise to see how much they've grown overnight and even when I get back from my work.

I'll probably put the sunflowers outside on a terrace when they're big and strong enough. I'll have to ensure them with a stick or something so they won't break when it's windy.

I'm not sure about the tomatoes: it's a new experience for me to be planting vegetables. I've never grown tomatoes before. So far they're doing good inside.

We're really looking forward to be living on our own again, the construction of our house will begin next week or the week after that. I'm really excited, since Wednesday we already have electricity on the small piece of land we bought .

I've also been spoiled by sweet Liesl. She sent me a warm thank you gift with a nice card, Quince&Co yarn (!!) and a lovely self made string pouch.

It immediately reminded me of her Simple Drawstring Pouch tutorial and made a pouch myself. Although I'm very pleased with it, the striped fabric wasn't the best idea since I'm not so good at sewing straight yet :-)


  1. ooohhh I love quince and co. Your attic space sound so lovely for the time being while you wait for the building to be complete :)

  2. The Quince & Co yarn a gorgeous colour!
    I love growing sunflowers I grow them here the cockatoos and rosellas love eating them.

  3. Love seeing those little greens shoot up! It's always a miracle isn't it?? That yarn is so gorgeous :)

  4. I'll be watching your sunflowers intently! I have a bunch growing in a pot on the deck, but I have little hope that they will live very happily out there in the pot. I might have to move them to a much larger, heavier pot.

  5. Those pouches both look awesome and am loving the yarn and the sprouting seedlings.

  6. Your sunflowers and tomatoes look so sweet. I've got some sunflowers out in the garden, they are only about a half a foot high right now and I planted a few more seeds just yesterday. I've never grown tomatoes from seed before. Hopefully next year!

    So glad you like the yarn and pouch. And I'm so happy you made on yourself. They really come in handy for all sorts of things. :)

    Even though I have an iPhone and it takes decent photos, I still like to take photos with my DSLR and upload those to instagram. :) You should look into the VSCO app. It's a lot of fun to edit photos with that on your smartphone.

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