Tuesday, April 1


Linking up with Nicole from Frontier Dreams (KCCO):

I proudly present: Eluria, my new big-knitting-project-bag. Usually I store my current knitting project in a wide open basket which works fine when knitting at home. But sometimes, when searching for fabrics and haberdasheries, I like to bring my project with me to the shop, so I can see if the colours match together. I made an inside pocket and a holder for crochet hooks - I'm always searching for them - just in case of dropped stitches.
Do you have a special knitting bag when knitting elsewhere?


  1. So cute! I hope to make one some day. Right now my purse is my knitting bag. :)

  2. It turned out great! I only knit at home but this looks really handy for taking it everywhere :)

  3. […] projects in my head and then I end up doing absolutely nothing. Since I finished Amélie and Eluria my fingers have been longing to hold pencils and paper again in stead of yarn, knitting needles or […]

  4. So sweet! I love the vintage feel.
    I think I need to make one too. I'd be nice to have a little travel knitting bag---and a simple project in it that doesn't require too much thought and travels well.


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