Sunday, April 6

A long time my sketchbook

It has been a while since I've been drawing or sketching. Call it a drawer's block or creative starvation if you want. Sometimes I have too many ideas and future projects in my head and then I end up doing absolutely nothing. Since I finished Amélie and Eluria my fingers have been longing to hold pencils and paper again in stead of yarn, knitting needles or fabrics and thread.

I've got so many ideas for so many different sketchbooks. Pen, graphite, watercolours, still lifes, portraits, grungy portraits, something botanical, something with quotes, illustration, realism,... . So until I make up my mind about - or until my fingers just magically decide - what to draw when opening one of my sketchbooks, I content myself with the possibility of instant image creating through photography. In a world where I can alter shutterspeed and manipulate the amount of light falling into my lens to create an image where focus lays now on one of the most common phenomena on earth: light.
I love simple things, ordinary everyday objects. Some people see them every day without really looking at them and remembering details.  It's drawing  that learned me to look differently at light and shadow and curves of people, objects, nature. It's also something nostalgic. I remember many details from toys or furniture from childhood that my sister for example can not recall.  It actually is only useful for drawing I think. Because often, when I want something, or have an image of something in my head of how it is supposed to be, I can't let go of that exact image with every little detail on it. That's a typical Taurus characteristic, I once read. The stubbornness and frustration for not meeting my  (self set) high standards obstructs any imagination! Ah, zodiac signs are so useful  to pardon for such negative character traits :-)

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  1. I can relate to so much of this. Sometimes too many ideas is overwhelming and can cause a creative standstill.

    Photography has taught me to look at things differently. I used to feel bad, that I was hiding behind my camera at social gatherings but then I realized (another blogger might have pointed it out) that having the camera helps me see things, *really* see them, things I might have otherwise missed. Because I'm trying to capture the feeling or attitude or emotion, I look differently and more closely at people and things.

    And I'm a Taurus, too. ;)


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