Thursday, February 20

Warm Windy Winter Walk

We keep on waiting for a Winter here in Belgium. I want to breathe in the icecold air until my throat hurts, hear the cracking of snow beneath my boots, have a red stiff nose, and to see frost on windows. All we get is a warm Winter, with some rain and blooming of trees and bushes that aren't supposed to be blooming yet. So there's a reason less to drink a hot cup of tea! But tea is always a good idea, so I drink it every season ;)
In the mean time, we do short 'Winter' walks. This time, windy walks.  We went to visit some old coal mines.
On top of the man-made slag-heaps we could oversee almost our whole province. It was super windy on top!

It reminded me of Belgium's flatness. To quote Jacques Brel:

"Le plat pays qui est le mien...

Avec des cathédrales pour uniques montagnes..."

"...quand le vent est au rire, quand le vent est au blé
Quand le vent est au sud, écoutez le chanter

Le plat pays qui est le mien."
You should really listen to the song, it's one of my favourite songs all time. My fiancé can do a very good impression of Brel on his guitar, also the flemish version of the song.


  1. I love your first image, so atmospheric. And I love images that have sun beams in them, feels warm!

  2. What a beautiful walk. Love seeing it through your lens.

  3. How beautiful! I always love the mood you set and stories you tell in your photos. The beams of sunlight through the clouds, the houses nestled together and the hand pointing to the distant horizon. :) Although it isn't a typical winter, I'm glad you are out enjoying it regardless!


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