Friday, January 17


Lately I've got too much on my mind: I'm doing a project for a friend which I really can't show yet, I've started my knitting project three times before I got it right, I feel like I've worked all the time at the hospital, I've been settling arrangements for various private matters. All I want to do is sink into a cosy corner with a blanket and a Disney movie, remembering what a great care-free childhood I had, or go out into into a forest to reload my batteries by scenting the odours of tramped fir needles, moist air and other woody fragrances . Along the way of human's evolution, we lost our ability to smell things and define odours, I believe.

I also discovered I don't like drawing commissions and know again why I graduated as a nurse and not as a graphic designer or an illustrator, a profession that always seemed so tempting for me. As soon as someone tells me what to draw and how to draw it, I freeze artistically. That discovery saddens me in one way, but at the same time I accepted it, because I actually always have known this.

1. Sketchbook illustration of the new year to point out that all drawings after that page are from 2014 :) 

2. Frogged knitting (Oh, for you knitters with interchangeable needles: are you satisfied with them? I'm thinking of buying the Addi Clicks.)

3. My 'drawing' sleeve just ripped further (I always wear that cardigan when painitng or drawing, so I don't need to mind my clothes when accidentally rubbing through paint or graphite...)

4. Me, on a side

Is any of you having these January blues too? Shall we get together and beat it with a stick and finish it with fireworks to gaze at or clear, moonlit skies with plenty of stars and a background feel good song? :)


  1. Beautiful photos.
    I've been using interchangeable needles from Knit Picks. I'm sure there are better brands but these are pretty great for the price---and the needle tips are nice and pointy.

    I was thinking you should check out M. Ward. You might like him. Particularly the album "Post-War." This song is great:

  2. What a catchy song! Thanks for letting me know the artist.
    About the interchangeables: I stumbled upon a good price for Addi's on an internet yarnshop in Belgium, where I usually buy my yarn and with free shipping costs, but I see they're out of stock now. So I've been looking at other brands like Knit Picks and Knitpro's and they indeed offer a great price. I like knitting with metal tips. Unless I knit socks, they go on my bamboo dpn's :)

  3. I also have Knit Picks interchangeable needles and I really, really love them. I've heard good things about the Addi Clicks, too. It's so nice to pick your needles, the cord length, and just start without having to dig through hundreds of needles. :P I have the January blues, too. Hang in there! February is around the corner!

  4. Hello,
    I recently discovered that the Knit Picks are now called Knit Pro's? So I found a good deal online and ordered the Knit Pro Nova metal interchangeables. They're about to arrive soon! :-D


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