Friday, December 6

Slightly addicted

Owls in beige Cascade 220 - Kate Davies Design

Last night I wondered: how come I have spent 29 years of my life...not...knitting?

I might be slightly addicted to yarn and browsing Ravelry for hours finding a nice project to knit. Good thing some of the compelling yarn in the online yarnshop was out of stock or I would be broke by now.

Seriously, only slightly addicted. ;)


  1. We are in a similar spot. A month or two ago, when I had to take a break from knitting because my wrist hurt, I was so lost! And I spend far too much time on Ravelry and online yarn shops day dreaming and planning future projects. Just last night I couldn't sleep because I *had* to finish my newest hat.

  2. My friend took up knitting during university as a hassle-free way of getting over her anxiety. Whenever she was anxious, she would knit. By the end of term, there was a bacon-patterned sweater waiting for her. It's a very therapeutic experience, she tells me.

    Will you share your knitting projects? :)

  3. Knitting is very stress relieving for me too, I can understand why she would knit when she was anxious. It calms me down :) You can follow my knitting projects on the blog or on Flickr. Thanks for your comment! (

  4. Thanks for the link! I'll be on the lookout for your new updates. Love the rabbits. :)


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