Friday, November 29

Owls go hoot hoot!

Proudly presenting my first ever knitted sweater! This Kate Davies’ pattern is a fast knit and even for beginners like me I figured out how to attach the sleeves to the body and do the kitchener stitch for grafting. I had some troubles with the short rows at the back though, but in the end I'm very pleased at how this sweater turned out. I do hope it fits for my sister's two-year-old . I knit a size 3-4 year old, because the pattern's size was small according to fellow knitters WITH children (it's always hard to knit children's garment when you don't have children yourself, it's like: next time I see the child, I'll try to measure and memorize the length of her arms, body by sight :-) )

I don't know which buttons and how many buttons I will add to represent the owl's eyes. I found some reddish buttons in my mom's sewing supplies box, but maybe I'll look for other ones because the colours don't really match in my opinion.


  1. It's so sweet! Congratulations!

    I know what you mean about children's sizing. I have to rely on the measurements online and comments on places like Ravelry (what would we do without Ravelry?) to get sizing right. One thing is that kids always grow, so it never hurts to make something a little bigger. :)

    Good luck finding the right buttons. Sometimes that finishing touch is the hardest decision!

  2. Wow, I love this, you did such a great job :) Annie


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