Saturday, November 9

Off the needles and from the sewing machine

A woman's got to carry a lot in her bag or purse. I often find myself dragging along lots of handy stuff like mints, lipbalm, a tiny in-case-of-emergency-kit, personal stuff for thàt time of the month, hair ribbons and lots more. I also find myself searching through my bag for all that and that made me come up with an idea to organize my purse content a bit more. So the first thing I wanted to make was something that kept my personal things together, yes indeed, for thàt time of the month. If it could hold a few sanitary pads and some tampons for emergency cases, that would be fine for me! I'm satisfied with the outcome. It was a first try but I think it looks kind of 'sloppy'. I did use some fusible interfacing though. It was actually my first time working with it. I'm planning on making more, for organizing some make-up.

The past weeks I also finished the In Threes Cardigan for my little niece. I think it'll be a Christmas present.

Have you been knitting or sewing lately? Do you have any smart ideas for organizing your purse?

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