Tuesday, October 29

World Psoriasis Day

October 29th is World Psoriasis Day. Being a psoriasis patient myself I would like to support all people with psoriasis today.  Psoriasis is an immune-mediated skin disease. It's not contagious but is characterized by an increased skin cell production. Symptoms are an accumulation of dead skin cells on certain parts of the body and that causes red, flaky plaques with silvery scales. I mostly suffer from scalp psoriasis and occasionaly I have small plaques on my elbows, knees and eyelids.

The drawing above is a sketch of something that was supposed to be way more detailed and bigger in the future. Too bad it worked out wrong, so I feel better just showing the sketch. The big leaf near it isn't really a part of the drawing or concept. I don't really feel the need to explain the drawing, I think it speaks for itself, but I'll give it a go anyway. As the leaves represent my dry skin and are often quite suffocating, I also wish that a cool Autumn wind could blow them away so I can breath again.

Normally I don't suffer so much from my pso, but last year, when I was in a lot of stress, I couldn't bear the itching on my head. scratched unconsiously untill it bled. Washing my hair with shampoo was a disaster because of the open spots and stinging. I tried the No Poo method for 10 weeks and it helped. All my plaques disappeared and even after using (non detergent, non - SLS) shampoo again, it's only recently that my spots returned and started to worsen again.

Is any of you suffering from psoriasis too? What are your tips to survive the Winter season?


  1. Sorry to hear about your struggle with psoriasis. I love how you tried to turn it into art and hope your idea works out. I think the sketch is beautiful and can mean so many things.
    I've tried out the no-poo method a few times but missed the lather you get from using shampoo. I use a non-sls shampoo as well so it's not as sudsy as a normal brand. Whenever I use a shampoo with sls or other nasty chemicals, I get a very itchy scalp.
    Sending soothing thoughts your way! :)

  2. Thanks for your sweet reply. Sulfate-free shampoos are indeed less sudsy. How brave to try the no poo method with such long hair as yours. I noticed my hair getting thicker and more curlier. I eventually stopped doing no poo because I missed a bit of fragrance and I thought I smelled like a dog :-). For bodymilks and facial cleansers etc I do tend to avoid buying products with a lot of fragrance.


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