Tuesday, October 15

Autumn knitting

Oh my, it's been a while since I posted here. My apologies! It's just that life has been pretty busy at the moment. Lots of sewing and knitting for birthdays. Lots of working at the hospital. Lots of going around and making appointments for our house to build.  But I like being busy. It keeps me focussed.

One of the projects I'm knitting is this sweet cardigan for my godchild (4,5). (In Threes Cardigan.) It's in cotton yarn, because the child always takes off her cardigan because she's way too hot. So this cardigan in cotton with cap sleeves is a new attempt to avoid her from taking off her clothes. :-) I hope you're enjoying Autumn and knitting as much as I do on these chilly evenings.


  1. Beautiful! - looks like a nice pattern too, no sewing up :)

  2. Thank you! True no sewing up! It's a very easy pattern, I picked this one because it's my first cardigan to knit!

  3. I also love to knit, I like the color of the yarn :) Annie

  4. That cardigan is so sweet! When I was little I always wanted to take my clothes off---luckily I outgrew it, ;) I do hope she leaves this pretty one on.


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