Sunday, September 29

Bunnies in drawstring bags

Babygifts. Two of my best friends had babies this year. As a gift I made them both a Briar Bunny. A boy version and a girl version, since it's a baby boy and a baby girl. I also wanted to sew something and made both of them a drawstring bag to put the bunnies in.

For the girl version I made a matching hair band. The flower on it is the only thing bought. The boy version got a tie bow in his neck. I was actually a bit sad to give them away, but when I saw the smiles on their faces, I was happy to be able to give such a gift. :) I'm also thankful to my mom, who helped me figure out how to make a lined drawstring bag.


  1. These are seriously so adorable! And the little drawstring bags are sweet! My cousin is having a baby girl this winter and I was thinking of making her something like this---but I'm not sure I'm brave enough. Or will have enough time to complete it. Is it a difficult pattern? I might just make her a teddy bear hat. : )

  2. Thank you, Liesl. Knitting the bunnies doesn't take a lot of time. I started knitting a few hours every evening. The bags are made in a few hours. I had it all done in a week and a half.

    The Briar Bunny pattern is really easy, it's knitting in the round and increasing and decreasing again. I think the hardest part was sewing all pieces together in the end and try to make it look cute. A teddy bear hat is cute too, but they won't be wearing it for long. I think that when you give a handmade toy, they'll be looking at, even years later (hopefully ;-) ) and remember it when as something like 'Oh, that was handmade by aunt Liesl :) And it's cute to put on a cupboard or dresser in a nursery. Anyway, I'm sure you're brave enough to handle these creations, they're not difficult at all.


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