Tuesday, September 10

Bookbinding or how to make your own sketchbook

A week and a half  ago I got up with a stiff neck. Later that day, it got worse and then at night, I couldn't move at all! It was hurting uhm extremely! I had an acute torticollis according to the doctor. Now it's a lot better. Due to that I couldn't sew, knit, draw, couldn't do anything. Couldn't even lay down to rest, because that hurted, couldn't stand for long, that was too tiring, couldn't play videogames to kill some time, couldn't read, couldn't look to the right, to the left... . Pwew, now I'm almosty recovered so I'm posting someting creative :-) I've been neglecting my sketchbook a few months, because of all the knitting and the recent sewing, so I thought it was time to show you guys my video about how to make your own sketchbook. I made it at the beginning of 2013. It's actually a tutorial about bookbinding. It was my first bookbinding experience, and I would do things differently now. For example sewing the two pieces of fabric together, in stead of gluing them. Enjoy the video!


Thanks for watching!

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  1. This is so fantastic! Someday I hope to try out book binding and paper arts. : )


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