Thursday, August 22

Le Tour du Carlit - Day 3 & 4

After our adventure with the wild pig, we got up early on day 3 (6 am). The wild pig left some time during the night and after packing our bags, we set off to the next point: Barrage des Bouillouses (2020m). After two days of trekking in less populated areas, it was nice to see other hikers on several hiking routes, leading to Lac des Bouillouses. In fact, there's a junction with the GR10 and the GRP Tour du Capcir. Le Lac des Bouillouses is actually a giant lake (reservoir) at 2017m. A little bit further we enjoyed soup and a piece of our tourbread. Baking our own tourbread at home before we left for trekking, was a good idea. The bread is about 3500 kcal and doesn't putrefy easily, but has good nutritional value. We used the following recipe, but divided all the amounts by two:

  • 625 whole wheat flour

  • 250 gr flour

  • 250 gr meal

  • 125 gr rye meal or wheatmeal

  • 1 spoon of salt

  • 125 gr dried apricots

  • 125 gr hazelnuts

  • 150 gr margarine

  • 100 gr syrup or honey

  • 125 gr sugar

  • 0,5 liter milk

(1 hour on 180°C)

Le Lac des Bouillouses behind us, we crossed "pla de la Têt". It was one of the most beautiful and idyllic places I have ever been. We saw snow, pine trees, wild cows and their calfs, wild horses and foals, along streams and waterfalls. It was like a Disney movie :-)
After 2 hours on pla de la Têt (2050m) we ascended to l'Estanyol, a little before Portella de La Grava (2426) where we found cows, chamoises and lakes, streams, snowy mountainstops. Perfect place to pitch our tent and cook our meal 2297m. Satisfying our hungers and reflecting in the late evening sun about our views and experiences of the past few days, we went to get some water from a stream, coming from the mountain tops. At that moment, a troop of chamoises crossed the mountain ridge full of snow. This Nat-Geo-moment I was thankful for, left me standing in awe for a few moments. I took a photo of it, 75% of the chamoises were already gone by then.

We tried to stay awake until 11 pm, but I fell asleep :-). Luckily he woke me up to see the stars. I was struggling out of my warm and cosy sleeping bag, into my sandals, totally cold and tired. But when I saw that starry sky at approximately 2297m, with no light polution, I was dazed by the beauty and amount of it. So many stars, they seemed to be a lot closer than ever! In the morning  we got up at 6 am to got over the mountain ridge of Portella de la Grava and arrived at a large lake (Estany de Lanós).

Once more, we were blessed with a clear blue sky and no rain on day 4 of our trekking. Crossing valleys with streams and pine trees and filling our waterreservoirs for the last time, this trekking was coming to an end.  Approximitely 2 hours of walking in full sun against a mountain side on a very small path. Constantly crossing dayhikers, trekkers, all ages of walkers. It seemed as if the path just carried on and on. Finally, around 2 pm we arrived in Porte-de-Puymorens where we only had to walk back to the camping where we left our car, 4 days earlier. It was a wonderful journey!

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  1. What an adventure! Crystal clear blue skies, amazing weather, beautiful scenery, sounds like a perfect trip (well, except for the wild pig!)


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