Wednesday, June 19

Pick it up

Picked up my pencils again, finally! After studying for finals and presenting my thesis for the university jury. All went well but I don't know my results yet.
After a lot of sketching and quick drawings I wanted to do more serious graphite work. Seeing my fiancĂ© play his guitars inspired me to do a 'trio-portrait' from close-up photos I took earlier. He did had to pose for the middle drawing extra though :-p. I actually drew his old electric guitar. I almost made the mistake - the horror!- of drawing close-ups from his two different electric guitars. Now I'm not really an expert when it comes to guitars. I can distinguish an acoustic from an electric guitar and a bass-guitar but that's about it.  Anyway he's happy with the result and so am I. Will probably be framed and hung up in our future hobby room.

And the final drawing:

I also couldn't resist casting on his socks a couple of weeks ago. I started the second heel flap this weekend, but it's so hot now in Belgium. I can't knit when it's warm and sticky weather!


  1. Beautiful drawing.
    And I know what you mean, I don't like knitting in hot weather either. Luckily we have air conditioning. Maybe trying knitting with some cotton or linen yarns? I'm knitting a cotton bag right now and it makes it not so bad to knit in summer.

  2. Thanks! Good idea about the cotton yarn. In the meantime temperature dropped again. The weather in Belgium is quite variable :-)


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