Wednesday, June 26

Counting Vespas and flowers

The Vespa World Days 2013 were held in my town last weekend. Though I don't own a Vespa, neither do I want one, I shot a few pictures. We were actually there just because I wanted some books for determinating plants for our next short hike in the forests, so I had to stop by the library. The library is next to the market square where this event was held.  I saw Italian, German, Swiss, Norwegian, Dutch, Austrian...Vespas. Quite the view.

Afterwards we did a short walk (8 km) in the forests nearby. It felt good to be out in nature and getting our minds clear after the rush and stress from the last months.

I must admit, that I'm a bit ashamed that I can't determine the most common trees or plants in our areas here. As a little girl, I used to be fond of nature and watched plenty of documentaries, had lots of books, but mostly they were about animals. Besides the usual assignments for elementary school - that is: sticking leaves from trees to a paper and writing next to it: 'oak' or 'beech', or the description of leaflets (toothed,...) - my knowledge of trees and leaves pretty much ends there.

Time for change! So off we went, into the woods, with a determination guide! I felt a bit nerdy and retired. Especially when we bumped into a group of grannies who clearly joined a local nature/walking group for pensioners and had to fill in a form with questions. They were looking at a wide open spot with several trees and had to find out which sort of tree was cut the most. I was trying to be funny by saying it's hard to solve since they were cut, so they're not there anymore. No smile appeared, they were all dead serious. I still love grannies though.

Oh well, I did manage to recognize some trees and especially wildflowers. So I sketched some in my sketchbook. Drawing is an awsome way to learn about weeds and plants.

Being so interested in plants nowadays, I even couldn't resist to make a treat for my rabbits. Mostly I give them weeds once a day. Especially during Spring, they get lots of clover and dandelions. Today I gave them clover, a tiny bit of strawberry, daisies, grass, teeny weeny bit of violet, parsley and basil.

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