Wednesday, May 1

The inauguration...

of my new - purse-fitting- sketchbook! I have to buy a new purse actually, otherwise it won't fit of course ;)

Wildflowers from the Burren (Co. Clare, Ireland). I shot a reference photo back in 2009 during our visit to Ireland for this drawing. I love Ireland and its shores, cliffs, wild nature, Irish people and pubs...ooh every year I want to go back! It's not that far from where I live actually, so it shouldn't be a problem :) We did a roadtrip starting at Dublin Airport with a rental car and a tent. We did several counties from Wicklow to Kilkenny, Tipperary, Cork, Kerry, Limerick, Clare and finally Galway.
We parked at airport Shannon and took a flight back home.
I find wildflowers and all sorts of weeds and herbs quite interesting. I might want to learn more about them and study them in my sketchbook. Do you know a lot about herbs/wildflowers...?


  1. Seems like a good reason to buy a new purse to me :D Your sketchbook looks lovely. One of the only countries/places I am just desperate to visit is Ireland. Sadly for me, it's a long long way away.

  2. Thanks! Too bad that Ireland is so far away from Australia. I'd love to go to Australia once. The weather on most of your photos looks so nice. Or maybe that's because it's Winter here when I read your blog and at the same time it's Summer at your place? :-D

  3. Oh, this is beautiful! It is a type of red clover?
    I wish you the best of luck and lots of fun in learning the flowers and herbs around you.
    I'm thinking I'll have to sketch for my tree journal---could be a bit difficult to press bark and branches. ;)

  4. It could be a type of red clover indeed. Haha, for your tree journal it's best that you sketch. :) Have fun with it!


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