Sunday, May 19

Finally some sunshine!

This Spring, the weather is so disappointing. We've had a few warm and sunny days, but it seems like Winter lasted for-e-ver! Outside it has mostly been chilly or raining or drizzling. Last night suddenly the sun came out and we witnessed a beautiful sunset sky which I wish I'd captured in a photo.  Instead I got a few shots from underneath a tree and I saw a bunch of dandelions sparkling in the evening light.The sun was heavy orange just  before sundown. It was beautiful.

I'm also making progress on my Cup of Tea Socks. A few days ago I finished one sock and yesterday after work I started the second one. Now I got a few rows left before I start knitting the heelflap of the second sock. I'm already more pleased with it then I was at first. I'm still not totally satisfied with the colorway I've chosen, but I'm very happy with the pattern. Fun to knit!

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