Saturday, May 25

Drum ruffle...

No, that wasn't what I was planning on telling you. Between studying for finals, printing my thesis and working shifts at the hospital I managed to finish my Cup of tea socks! Probably the bad weather here had something to do with it too ;-)

I'm actually quite satisfied with them, they fit very well and keep my feet warm enough during these...eehm...cold Spring evenings?! Anyway, on to new projects! That'll be more drawing and knitting socks for him. But that'll be when I finish my studies. Since knitting is quite time consuming I will try, I really will try to ignore my needles and knit new socks or anything in particular. But it's sooo tempting. Well, when studying, everything's tempting. Even vacuumcleaning...or ironing... .


  1. Wow! Your socks are beautiful! : D Wish I could knit, am still aiming to learn. Your photography and drawings are lovely too, looking forward to seeing more!

  2. Thank you. Learning how to knit is not that hard. You just need some encouragement and be emotionally stable patient at the beginning of your learning process. But if you're a bit like me ("Why won't this work?! I'm doing EXACTLY what the pattern says, it's not right!" (nearly throwing project out of the window)) you'll soon end up scribbling things in your sketchbook to vent those frustrating feelings ;) Ooh, I like your doodling very much! Makes me want to draw again soon too!

  3. These look so snuggly, haha. This is extremely inspiring to cast on my own pair of patterned socks. I've only stuck to vanilla with self-striping yarn (to add some spice, haha) but I need to branch out eventually :-P

  4. Ohh I just found your blog through Ravelry, knitting + photography, I like it!
    On a side note, I know exactly what you mean, in fact I always tend to knit more during exams... Beautiful socks by the way :)


  5. Thanks! I'm halfway the heelflap of a new sock by the way ;-) Couldn't resist...

  6. Oooh yours look great too! I love that colourway - perfectly "springy" I think :)


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