Sunday, May 12

A fine break

The past few days were quite busy for me. Though I already work as a registered nurse in the hospital for eight years, I'm still studying for an extra degree of Master in Nursing. It certainly is not easy to combine working in shifts and studying on days off or having to use vacation days for taking exams. In the meanwhile we moved appartements three times, I got enganged, my fiancé got a job as a teacher and we bought some land to build our home on. By the end now,  I'm really exhausted actually. I feel like I've grown 10 years older in the past four years . I only have to pass my finals and my thesis in June. I feel like I've got so much to catch up on. My sister's got two children. I feel like they've been growing faster then children normally do - of course they don't - but I feel so... not 29... .

But these past days were very pleasant and a welcome break from all the studying, stress and worrying. Saturday it was my birthday. I became 29. Fiancé bought me beautiful yellow tulips and a nice new double bicycle bag. I also found the purse I was searching for such a long time. It's big enough for a sketchbook and a pencil wrap :)

This weekend I saw the cutest pigtails and a tormented Kermit the Frog while visiting family for Mother's day and we also celebrated some birthdays (Mom's, Dad's and mine).

I also casted on fiancé's Basic ribbed socks on my 3mm socking needles, but will use a 2 or 2,5 mm to knit them. I'm still waiting for them to arrive by mail on Monday. In the meantime I casted on My cup of tea socks on my regular long dpn's (2 mm). It's quite a challenge to knit something small on long needles. And I'm not so happy with the colorway, I'm afraid my sock will turn out to be a striped sock and I suppose I should have chosen a one color yarn for this project.


  1. Happy birthday!
    It's kind of funny how, the older we get, the faster time goes by and the more we wish everything would just slow down a bit. Unlike when we're kids and time seems to go slow and everything is "are we there yet?" and you just want to run everywhere and never take a nap! Now that I'm 28 I wish I could take advantage of those naps I refused as a kid.

  2. Thank you!

    Yes, it's striking how children actually have so much free time compared to a working adult and yet they never seem to be tired, run around like mad to do one million things a day and have a never ending imagination while playing. And when we're older, we don't have enough time :) I sometimes feel it's society putting a load on us for what we have to achieve and do in a lifetime. Although I think that old times were definitely not better times in many ways, I wish we could somehow go back to some pureness of it and take it easy.

  3. Happy Birthday! I'm glad you were able to get a little break. I feel like each year older I get, the faster time is going. Might also be that I'm so busy with life and the kids... but either way ;)
    Those wee piggy tails are SO darn cute and your flowers are beautiful.

  4. Thanks, of course, when you have kids, your life is waaaaay busier :-) I can't believe how you manage it! 8) I really admire that!


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